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Heat exchange system and gas-water separator

Technical featuresmg4358.cc
Air-to air heat exchange (Precooler)■Air-to air heat exchange (Precooler)
Precooler can reduce cooling capacity and cut down power consumption, increase heat exchange area thus has better heat transfer effect.
Air-to-refrigerant heat exchange(evaporator)■Air-to-refrigerant heat exchange(evaporator)
Evaporator adopts shell tubular and radiation piping design. It can increase heat exchange area by adopting high finned copper tube.
Gas-water separator
Gas-water separator◆High efficiency under the condition of various air flow.
◆The grade I stainless steel machine can remove a  large number of droplets.
◆The grade II can ensure high efficiency under various loading conditions.
◆GL-500 type to GL-1000 type are electronic tower liquid devices.
Cooling system
◆Can offer enough cooling capacity, accurate temperature control ability and reliable system performance.
◆Two valve system controls pressure and temperature of cooling system.
Can ensure stable outlet dew point under various operating conditions.m.mg4355.cc
Long service life, trouble free.
Easy to install
Easy maintenance

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